Pinvin Parish Council

Notes from Council Meetings

The next meetings of Pinvin Parish Council will be on: Tuesday 2nd April, 2019.

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As you may be aware formal consultation on Worcestershire's Library Service's Transformation Programme has commenced. The consultation launched on 29 October 2018 and will run for over 90 days, taking into account Christmas and New Year, ending on 2 February 2019 It will include engagement with community groups and partners with the aim of: encouraging more involvement in the direct provision of library services The consultation is aimed at all Worcestershire residents and approaches will be taken to encourage responses from residents who are not library customers and from groups who are less likely to respond.

Pinvin Playing Fields major fencing works were completed in October.

Worcestershire County Council has set up a Bus Scrutiny Task Group. 'to investigate the current bus and community/alternative transport provision, including the availability of transport at crucial times of day

to get to work, to school or college, to medical appointments and for shopping'.

Road Works on Station Road

The work and hold-ups on Station Road are long lasting. The work is being done by Persimmons’

contractors to carry out the infrastructure work required to meet their planning conditions

 – drainage, utilities, pedestrian crossing and traffic lights and reshaping

the carriageway and footways around the Wyre Road junction.

Work for the two Taylor Wimpey sites also means some digging up of the road for utilities etc.

The planning application for the improvements at Pinvin Crossroads will be submitted in December.

It marks the beginning of the long awaited “Northern Link” project that creates a new route into Pershore,

linking Abbey View roundabout over the railway to the roundabout at KeyTec7 and on down Wyre Road

to Station Road. That planning applications will follow in Feb/March of the New Year.