Pinvin Parish Council

Notes from Council Meetings

The next meetings of Pinvin Parish Council will be on: Tuesday 1st October, 2019.

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Pinvin Parish Council Update.

Playground Equipment

The new playground equipment has been installed. This was paid for through Section 106 funding.

The parish council hopes that the children of Pinvin will get a great deal of enjoyment from it over the years.

New Homes Bonus

Pinvin Parish currently has a New Homes Bonus grant allocation of £19,610 from Wychavon District Council .

The parish council would like to submit proposals for how we would like to spend this money.

Four ideas have been put forward:  A community orchard,  Playground equipment for older children 10yrs+

A dog agility course  and  A large wooden shelter with seating.

A door to door survey was recently carried out in the village to find out which idea appealed most to residents.

The results of this survey, based on people’s first choice, is:

Playground equipment for children aged 10yrs+ 44% of respondents

Community orchard  40% of respondents

Dog agility course  2% of respondents

Large shelter  2% of respondents

The Localism and Community Officer for Wychavon District Council was informed

of the results of the survey and, as the top two projects were of equal value to the residents,

it has been decided that we can put in a bid to fund both of them.

This will be done in the next couple of months.

If any residents would like to comment on this proposal,

please can you email the parish clerk on:

Improvements to Pinvin Crossroads and the Northern Link

The planning application for the improvements to Pinvin Crossroads has been approved.  

Work should start in September

It marks the beginning of the long awaited “Northern Link” project that creates a new route

into Pershore, linking Abbey View roundabout over the railway to the roundabout at KeyTec7

and on down Wyre Road to Station Road.

That planning applications is being processed at the moment.

Work on that will follow on from the improvements to Pinvin crossroads.

It is all due to be completed in 2021